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Hangzhou G20 results that benefit Sunshineopto


Latest company news about Hangzhou G20 results that benefit Sunshineopto

   Under the theme of “Toward an Innovative ,Invigorated ,Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy” ,this year’s G20 Summit was held from September 4-5 in the eastern Chinese City of Hangzhou .


   The G20 ,which represents 85 percent of global GDP ,80 percent of international trade and 65 percent of the world’s population ,is considered one of the most influential platforms for global financial governance .


   The summit not only matters to countries all over the world, but also benefits their citizens, according to the Voice of China, a China National Radio program. Let's take a look at what benefits the summit brings.


Money: RMB's currency status rising

As China's RMB will officially be included in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket on October 1, with a weighting of 10.92 percent, the currency's status will further gain international reorganization.

In the future, the use of RMB will be more convenient in terms of overseas study, tourism, shopping and cross border investment.


Jobs: more job opportunities

With many emerging economies and developing countries participating in the G20 summit, the market demand enlarges and more job opportunities are created.


Shopping: international goods provide more choice

G20 trade ministers have said they are committed to ratifying a trade facilitation agreement by the end of the year.


Development: economic revitalization

The key topic of the G20 summit is an innovative pattern of economic growth. It aims to push world structural reform and stimulate world trade growth, which has lagged behind economic growth for five consecutive years.

The change will benefit enterprises focusing on trade and overseas investment and individuals.


Dream: accessible fund to realize dreams

The G20 Summit discusses three important documents on inclusive finance to guide the sector's development globally. The documents are about high-level principles, a new indicator system and funding services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in urban and rural areas and low-income groups.

All people, no matter rich or poor, are expected to enjoy accessible financial services and use the money to realize their dreams.


Environment: join hands to deal with climate change

China and the United States took the lead in ratifying the Paris climate change agreement one day ahead of the two-day G20 summit. Moreover, green finance, for the first time, has been added to the G20 summit.

G20 members joined hands to face the challenge of climate change and will work together to build an environmentally-friendly growth pattern for the sustainable development of human beings.


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