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Lightning Surge Failure of LED power supply


Latest company news about Lightning Surge Failure of LED power supply

Lightning stroke is a common natural phenomenon, especially during the rainy season. According to statistics, the harm and loss it brings are counted by hundreds of billions of dollars every year in the world. Lightning strike can be divided into direct lightning stroke and indirect lightning stroke, and indirect lightning stroke mainly includes conduction lightning stroke and induced lightning stroke. The energy impact caused by the direct ray is very large and the destructive force is very strong, and the general power supply is unbearable. So we often say that lightning protection is mainly indirect lightning protection.

The surge impact caused by lightning is a transient wave, a transient disturbance with a subtle duration, which can be a surge voltage or a surge current. Transmit along power lines or other paths (via lightning) or through an electromagnetic field (induced lightning) to a power line. The waveform features a rapid rise and then a slow descent. This phenomenon will have a fatal impact on the power supply, and lightning protection design must be considered for outdoor LED power supply.

The LED driver according to IEC61000-4-5 international standards related to the input port shall meet the provisions of this standard can bear the line and the line between 2KV and 4KV, line (i.e., differential mode 2KV cm 4KV standard) of the surge. This is also required for LED lamps, AC power ports. In order to solve this problem and improve the reliability of products, many LED outdoor lamps are usually solved by increasing the internal lightning protection level of LED drive power or adding an independent surge suppressor.

In addition, there are some concerns about the proper installation and use of the LED drive power. If the power supply must be reliable grounding, to ensure that the impact energy of a fixed path can discharge; for outdoor LED driver power supply circuit, to avoid the surrounding large mechanical and electrical equipment, in order to avoid the surge in mechanical and electrical equipment start or shut down; reasonable control on each branch lamp (or power) the total load, avoid because the load is too large to start an instant surge; reasonable allocation of the knife, to open or close to step by step. These can effectively avoid the operation of surge impact, so that the LED drive power supply can work more reliably.


So led power supply is very important to the light lifetime and efficiency .


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